During frequent travel we always appreciate all the luxury & comfort, which is offered. The professional & friendly management & staff and the excellent service makes us feel instantly very welcome. Staffs show their appreciation during a warm welcome. How pleasant is it to start your journey! At departure we very often feel very sorry we have to leave. Arriving at for example the suite we noticed the many detailed items like automatic switches & handy gadgets.

There is however, no option offered to store personal jewelry after removing these from hands and/or body. The tray at the plane or in the hotel bedside tables doesn’t provide a temporary solution. Missing is a [foldable] plate or tray, designed to store these precious and delicate fine items.

This is why the elegant jewelry wrap is designed. To store fine jewelry at any unexpected moment. Added with a luxury gift box included with a leather plate it completes the detailed gadgets offered at the room or business class/first class service.


During our travel unexpected situations can pop up. A neckless breaks or handwashing is needed and so on. There is no stress if having a jewel wrap in the purse and it becomes a convenient back-up.

At the hotel or during a cruise it can be, by simple act, easy stored at the room-safe, purse or cabin-luggage. It is light weighted. Adding the companies’ logo, it becomes an excellent silence-marketing and long-lasting marketing tool.


Top listed biggest nightmare for airlines is DELAY.

It happens that passengers lose jewelry during flights. Rings easily slip-off fingers during a nap or while washing hands or for no reason at all: they just disappear. In the seat, the bag in front and people just forget! Some passenger like to remove their earrings before using the earphones. A necklace can be broken. All these valuables easily could fall in- or under a seat. It is a passenger’s fear to discover it and for the carrier a nightmare: if the passenger is insisting finding lost valuables before disembarking, new crew and passengers can’t embark until receiving a final confirmation.



If clients visit the pool, sports & recreation, beach and more, the jewel wrap is handy to keep in the purse. It doesn’t take space and as mentioned is light in weight. Added with your company’s fragrance it instantly becomes a trigger for client’s memory, already by opening her purse!

In advance of your clients arrival you are thinking of them.
Yet this jewel wrap will make them think of you after they have left.


An order is similar to a donation. The donation will be a stimulation in emotional development. The purpose is to work with persons in need, who are living at shelters. It is a step stone to support them during their journey of being independent, finding self-esteem and earning frequent income. The aim is to be less depending of government support and the moments of goodwill of citizens & tourists. And to have a daily routine, a reason to work for their future.

The intention is to let them manufacturer the jewel wraps which will support earnings. Fabrics will be locally sourced at market places and souks. It is a win-win situation for a national economy.

The support of companies will be added in a message at the covering paper wrap.

The Look Good Feel Good foundation at The Netherlands is established to support women who just started their struggle or are recovering from cancer. We donate these jewel wraps so they can store their jewelry carefully during their doctors’ visits or treatments.

The BriBos Foundation at the Netherlands has many volunteers supporting those who are recovering during cancer-treatment. Volunteers offer mani- and pedicure treatment but it can also be a massage or facial or else.

SASoriginal supports The BriBos foundation and also the‘Look Good-Feel Good’ foundation.

By following some easy folding instructions it creates to be a pouch.


Both you and your client. Even though it is designed as a jewel pouch for travellers it also could be used to store a key-card. A key-card or other card-sizes similar to plastic money/business card will fit inside the folded jewel wrap.

Benefit of SASoriginal

It becomes a smart and silence marketing tool which will stay at your client if you:

  • Add it with your logo
  • Add it with your fragrance
  • Add it with your business card
  • Add it with address directions [for example to show the taxi-driver]


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